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Nissa Rinaldi



My Story


I joined Scentsy in August 2014. I was just starting my transition from Canada to the States to complete an unpaid internship for grad school. I wasn't able to work anywhere and had to live off my line of credit so I thought Scentsy would be a great temporary opportunity to make a little bit of money for a few months. Fast forward to 3 years later, 4 all-expenses paid trips, a team of amazing consultants, and a life-changing experience, it's safe to say that Scentsy has become a PERMANENT part of my life! It's humbling to see how much of a blessing it has been for each consultant on my team; we all come from different walks of life but we are still able to encourage, empower, and help each other on this incredible journey. Although I now have a dream job as a mental health counselor, I'm just as passionate about my Scentsy career as I am with counseling. Why? Because I want to be home to raise my future children, I want to continue having lifestyle freedom, & I love watching my team of incredible consultants fulfill their dreams!

Scentsy brings people together thanks to its family-friendly high quality fragrance products. It allows me to share positivity, laughter, and memories with others and I couldn't be more excited about the future of my business!

I would love to welcome you to our family so you can experience this journey too! I am more than confident that you WILL succeed if you put in the work! We are family and we are here for you 💜 Join us and create your WHY!

-Nissa, Scentsy Director

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